Our Story


When asked how I came up with the string adapter idea… it’s simple.  As a bass player with a Steinberger, I wanted to use my favorite flat wounds and couldn’t because they weren’t available as double ball strings.  Checking around, there were a few offerings of string adapter devices.  All were either poorly made or really expensive.

I’m a special effects person in the film business with a full shop facility.  When I need something made I simply make it in my shop, so I made my first String Adapter.  A friend saw the one I made and wanted one for herself.  I made a few… gave her one… and tossed the rest on eBay.  They sold out that day and a business was born.

Special effects? I’ve been in the film business for decades.  Starting in the 70’s with a 5 year stint on the Candid Camera TV show and working on literally thousands of film shoots running the range of TV commercials, to TV shows, to major motion pictures.  Whatever is required.  Building all sorts of rigs, props, models.  Making rain on a dry day or snow in the middle of summer.  Designing and building camera systems.  Pyrotechnic events blowing up buildings, cars, boats.  On and on…

The products we offer are made in our shop located in the Lower Hudson Valley, just north of New York City.  And the materials we use are sourced in the USA whenever possible.

The work that comes out of this shop is personal.  All these products were originally designed and created for my own use.  My special effects background demands that each product be lovingly crafted to the highest standards.  I found them useful and am sure you will too.


Peter Weiss