String Adapter Instructions

Remove all the double-ball strings now on the instrument.  On the bridge, turn the tuning knobs so that the jaw claws (what the string ball goes into) are fully open and exposed.

Check that all the set screws on the String Adapter are fully open and not blocking the holes. 

SYNAPSE INSTRUMENTS ONLY:  Remove all set screws from the instrument headpiece.

ALL INSTRUMENTS EXCEPT SYNAPSE:  String Adapter set screws should face up. 6-string guitar adapters have two locating pins on one side of the adapter that fit into their corresponding holes on the headpiece.

SYNAPSE INSTRUMENTS ONLY:  String Adapter set screws should face down.

SYNAPSE 6-STRING INSTRUMENTS ONLY: Two locating pins on the string adapter should face away from the headpiece
    Take the “A” string of the new single-ball set to be installed and put the ball into its jaw claw.  Put the other end of the string through the corresponding hole on both the headpiece and String Adapter.  Pull the string tight while holding the String Adapter against the headpiece.  Insert the short end of the supplied wrench into the corresponding set screw.  It is not necessary to make the set screw as tight as you can, and doing so might actually snap the string.  Tighten until resistance is felt, and then tighten a little more.

    Turn the tuning knob to tighten the string a little so that there is just enough tension on the string to hold the String Adapter in place.  Don’t bring the string up to tune just yet.
      Repeat for the remaining strings.  You may have to slide the String Adapter slightly so that the remaining holes line up properly on the headpiece.

      Once all the strings are on, and all set screws are tight, you can bring all the strings up to tune and cut off the excess string.


      That’s it… you’re done!  String tension will easily hold the String Adapter properly in place.

      The next time you change strings, just change them one at a time.  This way the String Adapter is held firmly against the headpiece by the remaining strings, which makes the whole process easier and quicker.

      NOTE:  Remember to always loosen the tuning machine first before loosening the String Adapter set screw.